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Welcome to the Answers Consulting Inc. Website. We hope the tools and links we have added to our site are useful and helpful.

Now for the about us part.

Answers was started in 1993 as a support service. In early 1995, Answers Consulting incorporated forming Answers Consulting Inc. The steady drops in the price of PC computers addition of accessible internet meant more computers and we grew. We expanded our services from not only advising clients on what products to purchase and assist them with support but also began selling and servicing our own line of computers. The sale and service of computer systems and accessories gave us the ability to provide a better level of service to our clients and as such better control of the quality of the products being delivered. The desire to constantly improve ourselves has been one of the key ingrediants in our success. We have, and continue to, partner with companies that have a history and proven track record of quality. This has made for happier customers and a recipe for success.

Our History
  1. Started as a consulting and support service in 1993
  2. Incorporated in 1995, and expanded to include hardware and software sales, development, and support.
  3. 1996 Authorized HP, Toshiba and Microsoft.Expand services to suport of Novel and Microsoft networks.
  4. Expanded line to include Asus, Ati, Intel Maxtor, Quantum and Seagate product lines. Structured cabling and business servers
  5. 1997 - Primary clientelle is now corporate. Answers hardware expands to business machines and special needs clients.
  6. 1999 - Large structured cabling and mixed environment support and installation.
  7. 2000 - Open retail store front to better serve clientelle offer overnite repair to business and residential clients. Full system repairs of both software and hardware.
  8. 2001 - Become Authorized Acer sales a service. Specializing in Acer business computer systems.
  9. 2002 to present - Consistant and contant efforts to improve and expand our services, support and product lines. Partnering with software companies such as Symantec, AVG, Microsoft, Panda, Nuance etc.. and hardware companies like Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Seagate, AMD just to name a few.
Our Goal
Our goal is to continue to continue to provide the highest level of support and the best advice to our clients.

We will continue to stay the course as for as our hardware and software providing feedback to our partners so that the most important part of our business (YOU) continues to get the best product available.

We will continue to learn and improve ourselves so that you can continue to rely on us as your needs change and evolve.

We will continue to do our best for our smallest to our largest clients, providing quality products and advice.